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Gee Whiz external condom catheter

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Unique Gee Whiz ® Condom Catheter design gives freedom and confidence to men with urinary incontinence.

Say goodbye to adult diapers and ordinary condom catheters that often fail-GeeWhiz is the reliable solution!

The GeeWhiz ® external condom catheter is ideal for home, post-prostatic surgery, those suffering from interstitial cystitis, and patients and others with stress, urge and overflow incontinence issues.


  • 100% silicone catheter - urine flows even when catheter is bent 90°
  • Non-irritating, easy to remove silicone GelStrip® provides a superior seal
  • Superior catheter retention vs. other brands
  • Accommodates both circumcised and non-circumcised patients
  • Patented QuickSnap™ connect/disconnect nozzle
  • Non-prescription
  • Medicare-subsidized - 35 catheters allowed per month

William Shatner interviews GeeWhiz Inventor

As featured on the "Moving America Forward" TV show.

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GeeWhiz also helps men without medical issues

Many use it for work (truckers, pilots, hunters, etc.) or play (travelers, divers, golfers, sports fans, etc.) - wherever finding a bathroom is difficult or inconvenient.

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